🔸 100 gm panko
🔸 grapeseed oil
🔸 ¼ tsp smoked paprika
🔸 ¼ tsp black pepper
🔸 ¾ cup all purpose flour
🔸 ½ tsp salt
🔸 2–12.5 oz can chickpeas (drain & reserve the liquid in a small pot; simmer the liquid until thickened & reduced; set aside)
🔸 2–12 oz organic firm tofu (drained & pressed; freeze overnight; thawed; drained & pressed one last time; slice each tofu block into 2 halves–you should get 4 pieces in total)


▶️Prepare the tofu according to the instructions above. In a shallow dish, add the flour, smoked paprika, black pepper & salt. Whisk until well combined.

▶️ In another shallow dish, add the prepared chickpea liquid. Coat each tofu piece in the flour mixture. Ensure that the tofu is evenly covered. Shake off excess flour mixture.

▶️ Next, coat the floured tofu with the reduced chickpea liquid. Ensure the tofu is evenly covered. Lastly, coat the tofu in panko by pressing the panko into the tofu. Do this a few times so that the tofu is sufficiently coated with the panko.

▶️ Add the grapeseed oil into a pan (2/3rd full). Heat the oil up to 350°F.

▶️ Add the prepared tofu into the pan. Shallow fry on one side until lightly golden brown. Flip the tofu & repeat the process. When both sides are done, remove from oil & drain on wire rack.

▶️ After ~5 mins, fry the tofu pieces again & this time until a deeper golden brown is achieved. Remove from oil & drain on wire rack.